Weed Delivery in Minnesota: A Comprehensive Guide

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As the legalization of marijuana continues to sweep the nation, residents of Minnesota may be wondering about the availability of weed delivery services in their state. In this guide, we will explore the current laws surrounding marijuana delivery in Minnesota, how to order weed online, and the future prospects for recreational cannabis delivery.

Understanding the Current Marijuana Laws in Minnesota

Medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota, but unfortunately, there are no licensed weed delivery services available. While residents can order medical cannabis products online from state-approved dispensaries, they must pick up their purchases at the dispensaries’ retail locations. Most dispensaries offer in-person or curbside pickup options for online orders. It is important to note that patients must possess valid government-issued IDs and medical marijuana cards to receive their orders.

Is Medical Marijuana Delivery Legal in Minnesota?

No, there are currently no medical marijuana delivery services in Minnesota. The Minnesota Cannabis Therapeutic Research Act (MCTRA) legalized medical cannabis, but it did not make provisions for delivery services. However, there are indications that Minnesota may soon permit medical cannabis delivery following the recent enactment of the state’s Adult-use Cannabis Act.

The Future of Recreational Marijuana Delivery in Minnesota

Currently, there are no recreational marijuana delivery services in Minnesota. The Adult-Use Cannabis Act, which passed into law in May 2023, legalized recreational cannabis but will not become effective until August 1st, 2023. Legal sales of recreational marijuana through state-licensed adult-use dispensaries will not be available until 2025. Section 10.342.10 of the Act provides for various marijuana business licenses and operations in Minnesota, including cannabis delivery businesses.

Can You Order Weed Online in Minnesota?

Yes, registered cannabis patients and caregivers can order medical cannabis online from state-approved dispensaries. However, Minnesota law does not permit home delivery of medical marijuana products. Patients and caregivers can use the dispensaries’ curbside pickup option to receive their orders. The law only approves in-person or online ordering of medical cannabis products from the dispensary. Phone orders are not allowed. It is important to note that although recreational marijuana is now legal in Minnesota, sales have not yet commenced.

How Much Weed Can You Order for Delivery in Minnesota?

Unfortunately, you cannot order any amount of weed for delivery in Minnesota as the state currently does not permit any weed delivery services. Purchases must be made in person at the dispensaries’ retail locations.

Age Requirements for Using Weed Delivery Services in Minnesota

Although there are no medical or recreational weed delivery services in Minnesota, registered patients aged 18 years or older can order medical cannabis products online and pick them up at dispensaries. It is crucial to have a valid medical marijuana card and government-issued identification to complete the purchase and pick up the order.

Who Can Provide Weed Delivery Service in Minnesota?

The Adult-Use Cannabis Act of 2023 outlines the criteria for businesses interested in providing weed delivery services in Minnesota. Prospective businesses must obtain cannabis delivery service licenses from the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management. This license allows holders to purchase cannabis and cannabis products from licensed marijuana retailers and deliver them to customers.

Finding a Minnesota Weed Delivery Service Near You

Presently, there are no weed delivery services available in Minnesota. Licensed medical marijuana dispensaries also do not offer marijuana delivery services. However, as the legalization of recreational cannabis progresses, it is possible that licensed adult-use dispensaries may offer delivery services in the future. buy weed online reviews

Identification Requirements for Weed Delivery in Minnesota

Although current Minnesota medical cannabis laws do not provide for weed delivery services, patients who order medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries must present their medical marijuana cards and valid government-issued identification cards when picking up their orders from the dispensaries or curbsides. This ensures compliance with the state’s regulations and helps maintain the integrity of the medical cannabis program.buy weed online reviews

Availability of Weed Delivery in All Cities in Minnesota

Currently, no city in Minnesota has a weed delivery service. The absence of delivery services is consistent across the state. However, as the legalization of recreational cannabis takes effect, it is possible that certain cities may allow licensed dispensaries to offer delivery services in the future. buy weed online reviews


While the availability of weed delivery services in Minnesota is currently limited, there are options for registered patients to order medical cannabis online and pick up their purchases at dispensaries. The future looks promising with the recent legalization of recreational cannabis, which may open doors for licensed adult-use dispensaries to offer delivery services. It is important to stay informed about the evolving laws and regulations surrounding marijuana delivery in Minnesota.

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