Lit La Mesa: A Premium Cannabis Dispensary in La Mesa, CA

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Lit La Mesa

Lit La Mesa is a prestigious cannabis dispensary located in La Mesa, CA. With a commitment to providing exceptional care and an excellent cannabis experience, Lit La Mesa has become a go-to destination for cannabis enthusiasts in the area. As a legal marijuana retail store with a valid license to sell cannabis products, Lit La Mesa offers a wide selection of high-quality flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more. This article will explore the various aspects of Lit La Mesa, including its location, menu, customer experience, and the services it provides.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Menu
    • Flowers
    • Concentrates
    • Edibles
    • Other Products
  3. Lit La Mesa Location
  4. Medical Marijuana Services
    • Local Medical Recommendation
    • First-Time Patient Discounts
  5. Operating Hours
  6. Packaging and Labeling Compliance
  7. Requirements for Entry
  8. Customer Reviews
  9. Photos of Lit La Mesa
  10. Dispensary Details
    • Contact Information
    • Website
    • Address
  11. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Lit La Mesa is a cannabis dispensary in La Mesa, CA, known for its upscale and professional atmosphere. The dispensary is both veteran and woman-owned, and they pride themselves on being an LGBT-friendly store. Lit La Mesa is dedicated to providing a friendly and compassionate environment for cannabis users and has a team of knowledgeable staff ready to assist customers.

2. The Menu

Lit La Mesa offers a diverse menu of cannabis products, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more. Their products are sourced from reputable brands, ensuring high quality and safety for customers. The dispensary carries a variety of strains, including indica, sativa, and hybrid options. Some popular strains available at Lit La Mesa include Wedding Cake, Peaches and Cream, and Pink Guava. To stay updated on their current offerings and any new deals, customers can visit Lit La Mesa’s website.


Lit La Mesa’s flower selection is carefully curated to cater to different preferences and needs. They offer a wide range of strains, each with its own unique characteristics and effects. Whether customers are looking for a relaxing indica, an energizing sativa, or a balanced hybrid, Lit La Mesa has something to suit every taste.


For those seeking a more potent cannabis experience, Lit La Mesa also offers a variety of concentrates. Concentrates are highly potent forms of cannabis that can be consumed through vaporization or dabbing. The dispensary stocks a selection of concentrates, including wax, shatter, live resin, and more.


Edibles provide an alternative way to consume cannabis, offering a discreet and convenient option for users. Lit La Mesa carries a range of edibles, including gummies, chocolates, infused beverages, and baked goods. These products come in various flavors and dosages, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their preferences.

Other Products

In addition to flowers, concentrates, and edibles, Lit La Mesa also offers a selection of other cannabis products. This includes pre-rolled joints, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, and more. These products provide additional options for customers to explore and find the consumption method that works best for them.

3. Lit La Mesa Location

Lit La Mesa is conveniently located at 7729 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942. The dispensary is situated in San Diego County and serves the surrounding area. Its location on University Avenue makes it easily accessible for both local residents and visitors. Lit La Mesa is just a short distance from popular establishments such as Starbucks and NXPT Fitness.

4. Medical Marijuana Services

Lit La Mesa is committed to supporting medical marijuana patients, offering a free local medical recommendation with every purchase. First-time patients can also enjoy exclusive discounts to help make their experience more affordable. The dispensary takes pride in catering to the needs of medical patients and ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.

Local Medical Recommendation

As part of their commitment to medical marijuana patients, Lit La Mesa provides a free local medical recommendation with each purchase. This service allows patients to access the benefits of medical cannabis while receiving the necessary guidance and support from knowledgeable staff.

First-Time Patient Discounts

First-time patients at Lit La Mesa are eligible for special discounts to help them get started on their cannabis journey. These discounts can vary and may include savings on specific products or a percentage off the total purchase. It’s a great opportunity for new customers to explore the dispensary’s offerings and find products that meet their needs.

5. Operating Hours

To accommodate the diverse needs of its customers, Lit La Mesa operates during regular business hours. However, it’s important to check their website for the most up-to-date information on their operating hours. The dispensary’s commitment to customer satisfaction includes providing convenient access to their products.

6. Packaging and Labeling Compliance

Lit La Mesa ensures that all marijuana products offered for sale or delivery comply with state packaging and labeling requirements. This commitment to compliance ensures that customers receive products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. The dispensary takes pride in adhering to all regulations related to packaging and labeling.

7. Requirements for Entry

To enter Lit La Mesa, customers must present a valid ID verifying that they are 21 years or older. For medical patients between the ages of 18 and 20, a valid medical recommendation is required along with a valid ID. The dispensary strictly follows legal requirements to ensure the responsible consumption of cannabis and the safety of its customers.

8. Customer Reviews

Lit La Mesa has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate the caring and competent service provided by the budtenders. Customers have praised the dispensary’s large selection of products, accommodating various price ranges. The friendly and simple service, combined with the pleasant atmosphere, has been highlighted as a standout feature. Additionally, customers have praised Lit La Mesa’s points system, which offers rewards and incentives for loyal customers.

9. Photos of Lit La Mesa

Lit La Mesa Dispensary

10. Dispensary Details

For more information about Lit La Mesa, including contact details and location, refer to the following:

  • Phone: +1 619-439-6048
  • Website: Lit La Mesa
  • Address: 7729 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942, United States

11. Conclusion

Lit La Mesa stands as a premier cannabis dispensary in La Mesa, CA, offering a wide range of high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With its commitment to providing an upscale and professional atmosphere, Lit La Mesa has become a trusted destination for cannabis enthusiasts in the area. Whether customers are seeking flowers, concentrates, edibles, or other cannabis products, Lit La Mesa offers a diverse selection to cater to their preferences. With its dedication to compliance, customer satisfaction, and community support, Lit La Mesa continues to be a prominent player in the cannabis industry.

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